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Phillip writes: “Cyclo claims to make ‘the world’s finest orbital polisher.’  They offer a full line of dual-head polishers — electric and pneumatic with pads, discs, and brushes.  The dual-head design mimics hand polishing for a great shine.”

While you could argue about the “world’s finest” claim, you can’t argue that these aren’t some sweet looking power tools.  The model 5 (pictured above in “scrub” mode with brushes attached) even comes in an optional 14-carat gold plated finish.  Wow. 

The basic model 5 is designed for 115V 60 hertz applications and sports a 220W 1/3 hp motor.  It spins as 3k RPM, but weighs only 6.5 lbs.  The housing is made of heavy-duty cast aluminum, and is — as you can see — highly polished.  It sells direct from Cycle for $310.

The pneumatic version requires 90 psi at a minimum of 12-14 cfm — that’s quite a lot, so don’t expect to use this with your pancake compressor at home — spins at 3200 RPM, and sells for $625.

Cyclo offers lots of other versions as well, including the gold-plated “special 50th anniversary” 5M electric at only $275.  Hell, if I was going to spend $310 on a polisher, I might go ahead and dump an extra $65 on gold plating; it does look sweet.  For Toolmonger in the EU, 230V/50HZ versions are available, too.

Froogle turns these up on the street for much less — starting at around $220.  They are a specialty item, so you’ll probably have to order to get one.

The Cyclo Polisher [Cyclo Toolmakers]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



2 Responses to Reader Find: Cyclo Polishers

  1. Toolaremia says:

    For $375, it better come with a “marital aid” attachment… 😉

  2. Jeff says:

    I bought a used one from ebay after much research on them. I’ve used it to restore the paint on an old car and it’s incredible! It does all of the work for you, has perfect one-handed balance, and doesn’t burn the paint.

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