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I saw this back when we toured Unique Performance’s body shop.  I’d forgotten about it, but I came across it again this morning when I was looking through some of the pictures we didn’t publish.  After going through dozens of wooden-handled body hammers — the guys at Unique do some serious, serious body work — they got sick of buying new ones and welded this one up right in the shop.  The guys at Unique said it’s hard on the wrists and elbows, but at least it doesn’t break once every week or so. 

It’d be sweet if Stanley applied the technology from their AVX hammer to a body hammer.  Think of it: durable all-steel construction without the “body-man’s elbow.”  Good stuff.



2 Responses to Homemade Tools: An All-Metal Body Hammer

  1. Munky says:

    If you’re going to use scrap parts to make/re-make tools, why not go all out and use the other scraps you’ve got laying around… I bet some old tire/inner-tube wrapped around that handle would take some of the stress off those wrists.

    Also, do you think if putting a u-shaped bend into the length of the handle might help keep some of the energy from reaching your hand(s) in the first place? Just a thought (could be way off base)…

  2. Gary Ronan says:

    Or A paracord wrap should absorb some of the shock.

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