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You know how some TV commercials have all that fast talking at the end, usually wrapping up with the phrase “some assembly required?”  This is one of those types of tools.  But the up side is that you get to build a tool and it’s a pretty slick tool at that.  The Veritas Twin-Screw vise claims to clamp just about anything anywhere in the vise with the jaws remaining parallel.  Woot!

The trick: A chain drive connects the two screws to ensure parallelism and to eliminate the “racking” common in other vises.  As a result, it can be operated using either handle as well.  There’s also a spring-loaded lock pin to let you disengage the chain for controlled “jaw skewing” if you need to operate out-of-square.

The vise does require two hardwood “jaws” that you must build and supply yourself. It retrofits to an existing bench and requires the addition of two pieces: an end cap drilled for the vise nuts and fixing bolts plus the vise jaw itself.

It looks like a solid way to get a few large objects around the shop to hold still without marring them unduly.

Street pricing starts at $183.

Twin-Screw Vise [Veritas]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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