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Most slide hammers attach to damaged bodywork from the outside, pulling the dents outward.  But the point of attachment acts as most hammers’ achilles heel — suction cups don’t stick to irregular surfaces and peel off prematurely, and who wants to punch an additional hole in the already damaged panel?  The Slide Sledge sidesteps these issues entirely by working from the inside, pushing dents out instead of pulling on them.  The tip never leaves the work surface.

The Slide Sledge’s tips consist of interchangeable D-shaped heads of varying shapes and sizes to better fit your specific dent.  Because of the slim design, you can also fit the ‘Sledge into tight spots, access ports, or even across the frame if necessary.  Like most slide hammers, its weight slides on a rod that transfers the force to the tip at the point of the dent.

The people at Slide Sledge market the ‘Sledge as “useful for bodywork issues in inconvenient places” — then again, we really can’t think of any convenient places to need bodywork, can you?

Street pricing starts around $220.

Slide Sledge Slide Hammer [Slide Sledge]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



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