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Laugh if you will, but you know damn well that this kind of thing has happened to you before.  Maybe you didn’t hit yourself in the face with the drill, but how many of you haven’t whacked your hand on something because a drill bit grabbed tight?  And don’t even get me started about pneumatic wrenches…


5 Responses to Doh! Be Careful with Your Drill…

  1. ambush27 says:

    haha yeah I haven’t hit myself in the face, but drilling through aluminum with a handheld drill not a press and holding the piece with your hands can have adverse effects.

  2. Jake says:

    I was holding a steel piece on a drill press with my hands once…. 5 stitches. Lucky I didn’t cut any tendons.

  3. Lorenzo says:

    I was installing the rollbar in my Miata using my corded DeWalt drill to make the mounting holes for the base plates. While I was drilling one of the holes, the big drill bit caught the body and twisted my hand, slamming it between the fender and the drill. The DeWalt is a torque-y drill and it had my finger jammed on the trigger… unfortunately, I was by myself. I had to reach over with my other arm and yank the power cord… ugh… that really, really hurt!

  4. chris says:

    Once, when I was in woodshop class in high school I was screwing around (like most kids do) and drilling a 3/4 inch hole through a 2x4x12 inch piece of oak (for no reason) with nothing holding the wood down. The bit grabbed and spun the piece of at full speed into my…..AHEM! about 10 times before I could let go of the trigger. It took the teacher 5 minutes before he could help me because he was laughing so hard.

  5. Bob says:

    When I was a teenager I was into CB radios. I wanted a taller antena so I found a long piece of conduit. I was outside and thought that I could hold the piece between my legs and drill the hole. As we all know the drill bit slipped off of the conduit and before I could stop it, the drill bit contacted my crotch. The drill pentatrated my pants and wrapped up my pants and everything under them before I was able to pull the plug. My mom had to drive me to the ER while I held the drill very gently in place near my crotch. The Doctors and nurses took several hours to cut away my pants and unwind the drill bit from my scrotum. I did not need stiches but was very embaressed and sore for a very long time! Use a vice!

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