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Tom writes: “I saw the saw blade organizer today.  I’ve actually been using a pot lid organizer from IKEA.  You can organize them by size or TPI, and it’s easier to see them all.”

They just built an IKEA near our offices, and the traffic’s been killing us — so we haven’t always been, let us say, extremely IKEA friendly.  This, however, might just change our mind.

I’d agree — it looks like a great way to store blades.

IKEA calls it the RATIONELL — they have cutesey little names for each item — and sells it for all of $3.  You can mail order them, or if you’s (un)lucky enough to have a store right up the street from your office, just follow the endless lines of Bobs and Janes to the front door.

Remember, though, that there’s no escape from IKEA.  The store’s built like a maze to keep you in — sorta like Disney World, but without the moat.  And don’t forget to re-watch Fight Club after your visit.



5 Responses to Reader Find: IKEA’s Pot Lid Holder (for Saw Blades, Of Course)

  1. James says:

    I’ve been keeping my blades in folded-over pieces of cardboard in a deep drawer, sort of like a filing cabinet. I’m sure a cheap accordion file folder would also do the job nicely while giving you portability.

  2. Chris says:

    I have been using one of these for years hung one the backside of the “throne room” to hold my magazines.

  3. BTW, what’s a “pot lit”? 🙂

  4. Chuck Cage says:

    Patrick: It’s “Chuck” for “didn’t spend enough time editing this post.” Thanks for the catch!

  5. No problem: I’m glad it wasn’t some kind of illegal substance, you know how those hippies love Ikea.

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