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Myself writes: “Also in the AA-powered arsenal:  Dremel offers three versions of their two-speed tool.  Green is for golf, orange is for pumpkin carving, and red is for pet nail trimming.  Really, the tools are the same.  They’re just packaged with different accessories.

“As with the Black & Decker tool I submitted yesterday, the Dremel “alkaline” model runs as well or better with NiMH rechargeables.  Skip the proprietary 4.8-volt “Cordless MiniMite” pack and use your existing batteries!

“Here’s the kicker: While the proprietary packs get stale on store shelves, and even new ones use yesteryear’s low-capacity batteries, the power available in common NiMH AAs is always improving.  Your AA-powered tools will be more powerful a few years from now, not less.”

I totally agree with the idea of AA-powered tools.  Many of the pics you see here on Toolmonger come from a consumer-grade digital camera that runs on two AA batteries.  Sure, we could have a super-slim model (that’s perfect for quickie pics of Aerosmith), but who wants to pay a zillion bux for a second battery — or a new one for that matter?  (Since founding TM, we’ve run through 7,500+ pics — and two full sets of NiMH AAs.)

The tool pictured is Dremel’s “Cordless Golf Cleaning Tool” — the green one — but as Myself said, they’re all the same.  Of course, if you keep an eye out after Thanksgiving, you’ll often find the orange ones in the sale bins.

Not that you really need to wait — street pricing starts around $20.

Cordless Golf Cleaning Tool [Dremel]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



2 Responses to Reader Find: Dremel’s Alkaline-Powered MiniMite

  1. Myself says:

    Actually I went Halloween sale cruising and failed to find any deeply discounted carving kits. The best price I’ve found is at Fry’s Electronics, where they’re up for $9.90/ea, and ground shipping starts at $6 or so. Throw in a group order with friends, or pick up a couple as stocking stuffers, and shipping quickly tends toward a negligible fraction.

    Fry’s also has some other goodies, including that Boxer-branded set of tiny 4mm hex drivers I submitted a while back. Their website is crap, and lacks descriptions and detailed photos for most items, but sometimes the prices are unbeatable.

    Also, forgive me for submitting a dupe! I didn’t realize the pumpkin kit had already been posted a few months back. That’ll teach me to search the archives before submitting!

  2. Chuck Cage says:

    Myself: Actually, I thought your submission was great. Yeah, we mentioned the pumpkin kit a while back, but your take on it was a bit different — and I’m totally on-board with the rechargable AA concept.

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