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It seems like a lot of Toolmongers out there are gearing up for tool organization lately; we received a couple of great organization finds today, including this one from Greg.  Greg writes: “You don’t necessarily have to go the foam cut-out route with sockets.  Craftsman makes this pre-cut plastic insert set for their toolboxes.  It has a separate tray for standard and metric sizes.”

Recognizing, of course, that organization is totally a matter of personal taste, I have to say that I had a set of these and never really liked them.  I never seemed to have the exact set of tools that they were made for.  (Generally I had more than one of certain common sockets — 13mm, 10mm, 1/2″, etc. — and kept multiple sets.)

But if you’ve got exactly what Craftsman had in mind — and you have a Craftsman toolbox — these could work perfectly for you.

Sears sells ’em for $22.

Craftsman Socket Organizer [Sears]


7 Responses to Reader Find: Craftsman’s Socket Organizer

  1. olderty says:

    I saw this and almost bought it. Then I saw HF had the same-ish thing for $10.


    I bought 2, one for deep wells and one for shorties. They have another type with pegs on it to stick the sockets on.

  2. benjamen says:

    I have these inserts and generally they do as they are advertised. I don’t like two things though. One, I have several craftsman socket sets and but they still don’t fill most of the holes, so I can’t tell by site what sockets are missing. Two, the trays for ratchets and extensions are more of an after thought. Only shorter 3/8″ inch ratchet and shorter extensions, 9″ or less fit in the tray. you have to store your 1/2″ ratchets and extensions in another drawer.

  3. Tony says:

    I bought the HF one with pegs. I’m not sure how happy I am with it. It works as advertised and pretty cheap, but the pegs are pretty short and a tad small, so the sockets don’t fit as snuggly as they should. Also, the size is pretty big. I was looking for a rolling cabinet to place it in on the Sears website and only the big ones had drawers deep enough to fit the board.


  4. Old Donn says:

    Looks nice, and keeps a limited number of sockets organized, but it lacks portability. Craftsman magnetic holders or Hansen socket trays, (also available at Sears), have more capacity and you can take them where the work is.

  5. Larry Geiger says:

    I don’t like these. I have a whole set. I put them in my Craftsman tool chest with all of the sockets organized. Almost everytime I went to get a socket it lifted the entire tray out of the tool box and all of the sockets went haywire. I then had to reorganize them all over again. Very frustrating. Removed them and just left the sockets all floating around in the drawer. I spend a slight bit more time finding a socket but no time organizing. A time savings for me. I’m thinking about ordering one of these:
    a bit pricey but looks like they might actually work in a toolbox drawer.

    • SirDigbyChknCzr says:

      FoamFitTools.com is FANTASTIC.
      I’ve bought their Metric and SAE Wrench, 24 Screwdriver, and 299piece Socket organizers.

      The owner is also fantastic about taking ideas and has designed an organizer for the 21 piece socket accessory set (plus the ratchets) specially for me (it’ll be on the site eventually).

      I can’t recommend this guy enough.


  6. Carla Sonnenberg says:

    I also have several sets of Craftsman sockets. I purchase the Socketmat and it is exactly what I was looking for. It is a good quality product that fits perfectly in the tool drawer. It is designed so you can arrange your sockets however you want and you are not restricted to someone else’s idea of a layout. The mat does not lift up when you remove the sockets.

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