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Why use thread-lock?  Let’s say, for grins, that you’d like your transmission bell housing bolts not to shake themselves out of the sockets.  Or perhaps you’d like the hyper-cool aftermarket steering wheel you just installed to actually stay connected to the vehicle — all good things, and all areas in which thread-lock can help. 

We used the Threadlocker Stick by Loctite a great deal on the Yukon project, both to secure bolts under the hood and to secure the aforementioned steering wheel replacement.  The stick works just like a glue stick from your school days; just twist the bottom and more sticky thread compound is pushed out the top.  This form factor is really helpful as you don’t get it all over yourself.

We liked the stick because it is a great deal easier and more convenient to use than a tube version.  Just spin the bolt around a time or two and screw it into position and put the cap back on and you’re done.  No mess — and the vehicle won’t shake its parts loose.  It’s a win all around.

Street pricing starts at around $8

Threadlocker Stick [Loctitie]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Porthos says:

    I always end up using Loctite stuff on toilet seat screws. Great to know it’s in a stick now!

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