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We came across this interesting product from Griot’s Garage today; the photo’s pretty self-explanatory.  It’s a single-finger glove with a small magnet in it to hold a nut or other ferrous object that you need to insert into a tight space.

I’m not sure how often I’d use something like this, but for $11 I might be tempted to drop one in the bin for that one time I really needed one.  Come to think of it, I’ve found myself in that place before…

If the $11 was too steep for you, you might be able to make your own by cutting the finger off an old, worn-out pair of shop gloves and sewing a magnet into it.

Magnetic Finger Glove [Griot’s Garage]



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  1. Crispy says:

    I work in car audio installs and from the nuts or bolts I’ve dropped down into a car’s console never to be seen again this would really help out.

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