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Myself writes: “Sick of having a different charger for every gadget?  Big tools get their own 18-volt packs, sure.  But little stuff like power screwdrivers and Dremels should really run from rechargeable AAs rather than proprietary packs.  Enter Black & Decker’s ‘alkaline screwdriver’ AS600.

“As a screwdriver, the AS600 is fairly unremarkable.  It’s reasonably ergonomic, has a spindle lock for manual use, and develops a useful amount of torque.  Where it excels is in simplifying your power strip.

“Black and Decker’s packaging is adamant about using ‘four AA alkaline batteries only’, but the Earth and I would suggest ignoring that and slapping four of your hot-rod 2700mAh NiMH rechargeables in here.  They have lower internal resistance than alkalines, which means more torque and longer runtime, and of course zero landfill impact.”

Myself also indicates that he found this for $10 on clearance at Target.  Those not so lucky’ll have to shell out $11-$20 (according to Froogle as of this moment) — but you do get to choose between four colors: blue, silver, basic black, and (of course) B&D orange.

Alkaline Powered Screwdriver [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Wing says:

    The switch on these can be a pain to operate. You have to press it just so before it turns on.

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