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I’m not a big dude.  My frame tops out at a very average (thank you) height of 5’ 11”.  While this has seldom been an issue for me, it does lead to an uncomfortable situation when trying to reach the back of an engine compartment on a larger vehicle.  I can’t do it unless I stand on auto ramps — jokingly referred to by the less vertically-challenged folk around the shop as “Sean stools” (or “those f*#$ing Sean stools” when people trip over them) — and reach as far as I can stretch.  That’s why I’m gonna buy me a Topside Creeper.

Think of the Topside Creeper as a “reverse creeper” that’s used to gain easy access to the engine from the top instead of the bottom.  You can adjust the Topside’s height to use it on many different types and sizes of vehicles. 

It’s constructed of heavy gauge steel, and it has a powder coat finish to guard against scratches.  The deck is padded and covered with a heavy vinyl for comfort and durability.

Yes, it may look a bit funny but that isn’t the point.  The point is you are supported over the vehicle in a comfortable position and can reach all the necessary parts without straining your back or losing balance.

If you have room for it and are bent over a 4×4 — like, say, a Yukon — it’s worth the $200 in my book.

Topside Creeper [R.E.L. Products]
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