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Kevin Whipps writes: “This is the same type of stuff as the Craftsman organizer foam, but what’s cool is that Cascade offers a few different color options that you can bond together.  Neat stuff.”

The company’s called Cascade Tool & Foam supply, and they’ve got a cool “configurator” that lets you choose the top and bottom foam colors to see what they’ll look like together.  They also have a pretty slick “how-to” section to help you get started organizing right.

Sadly, they don’t list pricing on the site — instead asking you to “request a quote” — so we don’t know how much it costs.  If it’s reasonable, it’d be a nice alternative to black alone — but how long would yellow stay yellow if your tools get a bit dirty?

If you’ve got a thick wallet and don’t have the time to do the job yourself, they do offer the service of pre-cutting the foam for you.  (But where’s the fun in that?)

Cascate Tool & Foam Supply [Corporate Site]


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  1. Myself says:

    You can probably find similar foam at your local Big Lots or in the phone book under “upholstery”; many such outfits carry more than just upholstery foam.

    Seems to me that you’d want the brightly colored layer underneath, so the absence of a tool makes a big screaming reminder to replace it. When all your tools are put away, who cares if the underlying layer’s a bit dirty? And when one’s missing, the reminder will be more important than the smudge.

    Spray adhesive is the preferred method of attaching foam to just about anything, by the way. 3M makes some good products, but if the bond isn’t critical, you can get more adhesive for cheaper by looking in the textured-coatings section of the paint aisle at your local big box.

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