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We’re always looking at new and different types of wrenches that promise to make our lives better; maybe Wiha’s soft grip wrenches can help.  The idea is that they’re more comfortable to use and easier to get a hold of than normal non-cushy wrenches. 

The grip my indeed be more comfortable to grab a hold of, but several concerns immediately spring to mind:  My first thought was that our wrenches get dirty.  When we use a wrench, we use it, which means it often ends up coaded in oil, grease and grime.  Cleaning them up is as simple as a good wipe-down with a rag.  The cushioned grip looks like it might take some doing to get clean.

The soft grip also looks like it might tear relatively easy on sharp metal objects — which are abundant in the automotive engine bay area.

Still, if you’re looking for a softer handle on mechanics tools these could be your ticket.

Soft Grip Wrenches [Wiha]
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