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Let me guess: When you put 4-1/2″ quarts into the car, the last quart ends up sitting around the shop until eventually you question its vintage and pitch it, right?   But who wants to sit all day and drain oil into containers?  The simple answer to those trying to conserve a few drops is to get an oil saver and let it drain itself

The oil saver is a 5-quart-shaped funnel.  You can either use it to dump five whole quarts in all at the same time, or you can dump five of those “partials” from around the shop in it to recover what’s there.  When you’re done, just attach another oil container to the nozzle and hang it on the wall to allow complete drainage of the residual oil left in each container.

 The Oil Saver could save you money by reclaiming oil you might otherwise throw away — or worse yet keep around forever then throw away.

Street pricing starts around $7 (to $15 depending on whose you buy).

Oil Saver [Hansen Global]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Myself says:

    More to the point, the last few drops of any given quart go to waste because I’m not patient enough to let it drain completely before putting the next quart in its place. I’ll pester my local auto supply, they should carry this.

  2. SuperJdynamite says:

    Say what you will about the trade practices of WalMart, but they sell 5 quart jugs of oil that don’t have the oil cling problems of one quart bottles.

  3. Myself says:

    So does Murray’s and just about any auto store worth their salt. 🙂 I think ours are gallons, though.

  4. Fletcher says:

    I just recently switched to the gallon jugs for that reason.

  5. TimG says:

    Anybody know where a guy can buy this in Canada?

  6. Bill Davis says:

    I invented the oilsaver,would like to respond SuperJ, after conducting over three years of study on oil bottles and draining over two million of them I would like to think I could tell you some facts, first superj unless physics has changed the surface tention in the 5 gal.will be the same provided there made of the HDPE unless there still in the stone age using some waxed paper or ? So givin the same drain time the 5 gal. will infact have more residual left in them, again keeping in mind we have drained thousands of 5 gal. oil containers. The good thing is a 5 gal. can be drained using the oilsaver, thank’s Bill Davis CEO environmental recycling systems.

  7. Bill Davis says:

    The oilsaver was designed for draining residual, it does not work well for putting oil in your engine, multiple bottles will drain faster than the funnel can so you will get oil all over the out side of the bottles making a mess of things. Sorry for the missrepresentation of the product. Thank’s Bill Davis CEO environmental recycling systems.

  8. Bill Davis says:

    The oilsaver is manufactured in Beloit Wi. it is also made of recycled oilbottles a 360 degree recycling effort. TimG of Canida if you have any problem getting them from one of my vendors or have any other “Q” email me billdavisers@yahoo.com. Thank’s Bill Davis CEO environmental recycling systems.

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