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Keeping the shop clean should not be a battle fought at the end of a project.  You shouldn’t also have to deal with Paul Sr. (or Chuck) tactics of “no mess making” because that doesn’t work either.  Projects go sideways and “stuff” gets laid around — that’s how it works.  The trick is to make putting things way as easy as tossing them on the workbench in a pile of clutter.  Tip out bins are a good start for those doo-dads that don’t quite go anywhere. 

Functioning much like they sound, tip out bins have a handle at the top and a pivot point located near the bottom front.  To access your “stuff,” just pull and the bin tips forward.  Many will argue that they don’t hold quite as much as standard pull-out bins but the upside is that they don’t generally get overstuffed and “hung” like normal bins.

A place for everything and everything off the workbench — it’s the dream of all of us that call ourselves Toolmongers.  Good quality organization is a good start, and bins like these can be found almost anywhere starting at a few bucks up to crazy metal 1000 bin storage lockers.  Just gauge the size of your pile and start organizing.

Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: Tip Out Storage Bins

  1. Myself says:

    Gauge the size of your pile, triple it, and start organizing. Because once you get the first wave of junk off the bench, reinforcements come in. The more places you find for stuff, the more stuff you realize you had. It’s amazing!

    The other day, I heard a sponsorship message on my local NPR station from the National Association of Professional Organizers. (January is apparently Get Organized month!) I never knew there was such a thing! Apparently there are people whose mental ability to categorize and organize clutter far exceeds my own (which is no surprise), to the point that they charge for the service (that part shocked me). The NAPO site groups “garages/attics/basements” into one category, but I’m sure there are Organizers who specialize in workshops.

    I wonder at what point an investment in new shelves would be better spent on hiring someone to help make better use of the space you already have. Ponderable!

  2. James B says:

    Those little lable printers at the office store make labels that stick to these pretty well and make for a tidy collection. Originally I was putting the labels on the pull tab, but when I mounted the storage bins on the wall I couldn’t see the labels above eye level. They get stuck on the bottom of the drawer front now, and there is still room to see over the label and into the bin.

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