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Fluke meters are tough.  I have a Fluke 77 my father gave me close to 20 years ago, and it’s been dropped in the mud, stepped on, and hit with water — and came through all the beatings just fine.  The new Fluke 115 should do the same. 

The 115 is bred to work, from the large, white LED backlight to the rubber shock-resistant jacket.  It’s a reliable piece of gear from a trusted name.  Fluke is the standard.

Here’s a picture of my much beloved 77.  It cleans up well enough that you don’t really even see the battlescars. The rubber case helps, too; that stuff is like shop armor.  If your model doesn’t come with it, get one.  They’re worth the extra $15.


Street pricing starts around $140.

115 Multimeter [Fluke]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. kythri says:

    Craftsman Multimeter – same thing in a different case, $49.99:


    Fluke is great stuff, but Fluke is owned by Danaher, who produces most of the Craftsman gear for Sears.


    This is actually quite nice, because you can get Fluke quality for about a third of the price.

    Now, if only Sears would start selling Fluke’s network test equipment under the Craftsman name!

    It’d be kinda nifty to have a Craftsman LAN tester and cable/fiber tester.

  2. Rhino Rod says:

    I have a Fluke Model 77 and It is messed up…will not work…

    When I dial to the buzzer mode it comes on and buzzes…and that is without the leads touching…

    I was testing a welder and touched the ground and lead contacts and well it is just bleeping…soundless unless turned to the continuity tester…then buzzes…

    Anyone out there have an experience that can help me…

    If not….please give he site for a reputable repair for my Wonderful — hope not dead Fluke Model 77 it is my hands and feet…not just my right hand.

  3. ADT Man says:

    This is a common fault. The R1 (1k 2W fusible resistor is faulty) – this will cost you £18 to buy from fluke

  4. ADT Man says:

    The problem is normally created, if you have your meter switched to ohms and you put a electrical load onto the meter. Its a safety feature built in by fluke. Its a sacrifical component – builtin to avoid complete destruction of your meter.

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