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Phillip writes: “The A90 Extenders are an accessory for your fish tape to help pull wire through conduit.  Adding one of these A90s to your fish tape will help you get through more 90-degree bends and offsets a lot easier.”

The two “hemispheres” on the A90 spin freely to help reduce friction in the farthest bend, and they’re also made of Teflon and Delrin — some really slick plastics.

They’re available directly from the manufacturer for around $10 individually or in sets (of different sizes) starting at around $20.  They also offer discounts on quantity.

Another 90 Fish Tape Extension [Corporate Site]


One Response to Reader Find: “Another 90” Fish Tape Extenders

  1. Steve Massa says:

    I tried these out last year on a 25ft run of underslab 3/4 pvc. Ball separated from its carrier and was forever lost inside the conduit. Great idea but poor execution.

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