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The Gator Grip is another one of late-night “as-seen-on-TV-style” all-in-one tools, but it looks like it might be just the ticket for removing a really seriously jacked up fastener. 

It’s a 3/8″ drive socket that replaces every SAE and metric socket from 1/4 in. to 3/4″ or 9mm to17mm.  It automatically adjusts to every size bolt including wire nuts, hooks, square nuts by using 54 internal spring-loaded, hardened alloy steel roller pins that compress and grab the fastener.  It can also attach to your air tool or power drill with an adaptor to mangle bolts in overtime so you don’t have to hand crank.

I don’t think I’d use this on a daily basis, but it might be a good one to throw in the bag of tools at the junkyard or in the car emergency kit.

Street pricing for the made in the USA units starts around $20, and the made-in-China knockoffs are around $9.  The Gator-Grip site warns of the cheap materials that are used in the knockoffs, however, so buyer beware.

Gator Grip Socket [Gator Grip]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


6 Responses to Finds: The Gator Grip Socket

  1. Eli says:

    It just doesn’t work very deep, on toilet t-bolts for example. And you have to be careful to seat it centered, or you’re cranking an eccentric….

  2. Myself says:

    And if you put too much torque on it, you’ll split it. The actual socket walls are pretty thin, after all.

    That being said, my Gator Grip has pulled me out of a few tough spots. It’s not quite as reliable as Vise-Grips, but it tackles a different set of tricky problems. It works pretty well on misshapen fasteners, but not rounded-off nuts. It’ll just round them off even more.

  3. kythri says:

    Hey, for what it’s worth – I was just over at Wal-Mart tonight, browsing around, and they’ve got the socket for $8.99, and the “full kit” (ratchet, socket and extension or something) for $14.74.

    Real Gator Grip, not a knock-off.

  4. Fletcher says:

    It’s no replacement for the right socket, but useful for ‘odd’ shaped items, like eye bolts and the like.

  5. Just a note for anyone perusing the archives: There’s a larger version, called the King Gator, that I didn’t realize existed until I saw one at Sears today. They claim it goes up to 1.25″ (32mm) fasteners.

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