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It really sucks to find yourself standing 20’ wondering whether your mis-positioned extension ladder is going to maintain its solid footing or not.  So, Werner has come up with a clever adjustable foot system on their new Equalizer extension ladder to ease your mind a bit.  The feet on the ladder are fully adjustable up to 8.5” on either side, which makes the equalizer a great ladder to have around construction sites, steep-graded lawns, or stairs.

Its feet are held in place by a steel pin that locks the sliding foot to the ladder frame via a series of holes.  It’s easy to use and looks completely practical operate — which are two hallmarks of a good solid work tool.

Street pricing starts at $160.

Equalizer [Werner]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: Equalizer Extension Ladder

  1. I added something like this to an existing ladder (required me to mangle the ladder in the process, but it turned out well). Essential for operating on a hill.

  2. Jon Gummer says:

    I bought the Equalizer 24ft in the middle of my exterior season. It saved us a lot of time not having to find bits of wood to jam under the feet to try and level it .
    The Equalizer also comes with a level built into the first rung so you know that it’s level before you step onto it. Mind you, I must admit the level did break after a few months of foot traffic.
    I guess Werner, in time will fix the problem for the next generation.
    I thought the Equalizer was so brilliant that I went and bought a 16ft version for painting interior hallways.
    Great for painting 14ft high ceilings in old Brookline homes just by balancing the ladder on the stairs. Yes it beats that black wedge thing which cost me $85.00.

  3. Roy Harvey says:

    Can these be fitted to step ladders?

    Do you deliver to bate mans bay?

    Can you give me a price.?

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