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If you operate a larger welding shop, you probably grind your own tungsten electrodes.  And, if you happen to own a Sharpshooter or Turbo-4 electrode grinder, Diamond Ground Products would like to give you a free grinding wheel to encourage you to try their product line.

According to their press release, they’ll also offer you direct prices at “up to 50% off OEM manufacturer prices” on future replacement wheels, and they’ll give you cash for your current (other-manufacturer) grinder if you wish to trade it in on one of their models.

Press Release [PR.com]
Diamond Ground Products [Corporate Site]


2 Responses to Deals: A Free Trial Tungsten Grinder Wheel from Diamond Ground

  1. Parinya says:

    Hi.My name is parinya I want to check price Turbo-4 Electrode grinder

  2. Md Rizvi says:

    Dear Sir,
    i want to know what the technical name of above tungsten grinding machine.

    and at which site it will be available for buying.

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