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Eli writes: “If you need to refinish a kitchen full of raised panel doors, an orbital sander is often overkill.  All you need to do is rough up the surface, and a sanding block lets you hit every surface. 3M’s SandBlaster has inserts that lasted me through 27 doors and 11 drawers — a pretty average size kitchen.  I used two pads.  Buy two extra packs of sanding inserts for this job; They come two to a package, and that way you’ll have plenty for the job and refills for the next job.  And remember, even if you paint over wood, you want to brush out the grain.  Roller marks look weird over wood grain.”

Good stuff, Eli.  There are a lot of different products in the line, but the sanding blocks start around $3 a package.

SandBlaster Products [3M]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Ken says:

    I went to web site for Ace hardware and price for sand blaster was $4.00 more than Wal-Mart

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