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Think that local hardware store could run more smoothly?  Ace wants to give you a shot to try running it yourself.  From their press release:

“The selection process for the Dream Ace contest begins with an online entry form, including an entrepreneurial quiz and three essay questions, which will be reviewed by third-party judges to identify the top contestant from each state. Contest entries will be accepted from January 1 through January 31 at 11:59 p.m. (PST). Throughout February, the 50 state finalist contestants will be narrowed down through a series of contest-related interviews, presentations and other skill-based tests taking place in New York City and Chicago. All contest activities will be judged by qualified Ace retailers or independent third parties and the Dream Ace Grand Prize Winner will be selected at the Ace Hardware convention in Las Vegas on March 15.

“The culmination of the Dream Ace contest is the grand opening, on June 30 and July 1, of the winner’s store, which will be located in Houston or an alternate location at Ace’s discretion. The store prize is valued at approximately $1 million, and includes opening stock inventory, fixtures, décor and technology. Additionally, the winner and his/her staff will receive extensive training and support from Ace similar to the assistance the cooperative provides its new investors.”

There you go: The fast way to owning your own hardware store.

Official Contest Site [Ace Hardware]
Press Release [PR Newswire]


2 Responses to Giveaways: Win an Ace Hardware Store

  1. Myself says:

    Fascinating! Considering that my local Ace is closing, times for small hardware stores are presumably tough. I wonder how much publicity they’ll drum up for this thing during the narrowing-down process, and whether it’ll generate any sympathy for the little guy in the shadow of the big-box.

  2. Mark H says:

    agree that it is a big Ace commercial – I actually looked into it a bit.
    tho the winner would be awarded beginning inventory & training, the fine print of the rules mentions that he must also sign a 10 yr lease at $20k/mo for an unspecified sq-ft, unspecified building, unspecified location. be interesting to watch it unfold – or fold.

    heck, now I just want a shot a that building site, contruction, and being the landlord

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