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Recently we talked about pulling a large SUV onto a trailer with a come-along.  This procedure is highly not recommended.  (Read: It sucks.)  After a sprained forearm, I came across a method that’s a bit easier on the muscles:  a 12V Model 915 trailer winch from Powerwinch. 

Powered winchs are normally used for marine applications, but mounting the unit on an auto trailer works just as well.  (Some people put their money into a hole in the water, some into a hole in the pavement.) 

The winch just needs to be rated for the weight you’re pulling.  The 915 is rated to haul 9500 lbs. boats onto a trailer and has a 7500 lb double-line capacity with a speed of 10 FPM — which would be plenty to pull your ride onto any trailer since most cars weigh a great deal less than that.

Hey it’s better than cranking and resetting (and cranking and resetting and cranking and resetting) a come along for an hour.

Street Pricing starts at $510.

Model 915 12v trialer Winch [Powerwinch]
Street Pricing [Froogle] 


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  1. Rick says:

    I was just on Harbor Freight’s website last night checking out electric hoist options – and came across some similar items in my search. If you’re on a budget, or don’t foresee needing something as powerful, or as long-lasting (i.e. you’ll use it maybe a couple times a year) HF has a few options. One 12v option is this 12v Portable electric winch. for $50 – the downside is that you get only “6000 lbs. of pulling capacity for rolling stock, 2000 lbs. for straight pulling.” Which may not help if you’re muscling a bobcat or something, but might work for muscling motorcycles or ATVs onto a trailer (assuming they’re not running under their own power).

    They also have a manual crank one, which I think is different from what Sean mentioned using recently on that SUV. This is decidedly cheaper – at $25 for this 2000 lb Dual Drive Winch. Clearly this lowers your capacity a bit, but again, if you don’t need it for the next BigFoot it might just get the job done.

    My, I’ve turned into quite the Harbor Freight whore haven’t I?

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