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This is the world’s largest dump truck.  There’s nothing on wheels that moves more earth than the 930E-2 by Komatsu.  If you ever wanted to drive through a shopping mall while hauling a small office building, this is your rig. 

The 930E-2 is 26′ wide by 46′ long and over 21′ feet high.  (So much for the KFC drivethru.)  It’s made for work in some of the largest mines in the world, and has the girth and power to rightly be named the king of the earth movers with a 319 ton payload capacity and a 16 cylinder, 2,550 horsepower engine.

Oh yeah, and if that’s not cool enough, consider this: You can drive it by remote control from up to 1/8 mile away.

This sort of redefines the concept of “big rig,” does’t it? 

930E-3 [Komatsu]


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  1. eschoendorff says:


    I gotta get me one of those,just for the intimidation factor alone. SUV’s? BAH!

  2. Alistair says:

    a few years ago wife, son, and I stopped in Sparwood BC to wander around the Terex Titan on display. It was advertised as the largest in the world, 350 ton paylod.

    hey I don’t mean to get into a snarky “who’s biggest’ thread, just wanted to say when you are standing beside one of those monsters, they do look pretty cool.

    see the titan here in Sparwood’s charmingly hokey website:


  3. Yes – the Titan’s specs are only slightly lower than those of the Komatsu.

    There was only ever one Titan, though, and the Komatsu is a production vehicle.

    Wikipedia thinks the Liebherr T 282B is considerably larger, though.

  4. Roscoe says:

    What about the Cat 397B? When we ran these trucks, one of the most amazing things was the fuel capacity/demand- easily over 1200 gallon capacity for a mining truck and that usually only makes is through one shift. Clearly a tool that you want to have making money full-time and not idling around.

  5. Myself says:

    The ability to drive it by remote is pretty damn cool. I’ve seen little trench soil compactors with remotes, which look like they’d beat the crap out of plastic R/C cars if they could catch them. I’d imagine top speed on the Komatsu is a bit higher! 🙂 Show up at the R/C race park with one of these…

  6. Steve says:

    Actually, when we use the term ‘largest’, referring to overall size-not capacity, the Titan still has them all beat-by a pretty large margin.

    (dimensions rounded)

    Terex Titan

    Cat 797B

    Liebherr T282B

    So the Liebherr has the capacity trophy, but all, including the Titan, greatly outclass the Komatsu. While some of these manufacturers ‘claim’ to have the largest truck, they are leaving out such details as largest PRODUCTION truck, or largest capacity, etc. At least Liebherr says theirs is the largest single axle truck, which of course saves them from being compared to the dual axle Titan, which is, in fact, bigger.

  7. brett horsten says:

    my bung is itchy, but theys sum huge truks

  8. patty muse says:

    oh my god!!! if i had just 1 wish it would be to drive the biggest dump truck there is. they make me wet just looking at them!!!!

  9. Ken says:

    I would love to have one of these and meet a gd Hummer on a unlit two lane highway late at night,lets see who intimadates who.Drive the sob Hummer into the pig s**t.

  10. SDJ says:

    In the world of big mining trucks there is really only one stat matters and that happens to be the tonnage it can haul. Mine operators don’t really care if one truck is wider, taller or longer than the next. That’s because, all other things being equal, the more rock you move, the more money you can make.

    Liebherr currently holds the record for trucks that are actually in use. The 282b has a capacity of 400 Tons or 360 metric tons. That being said, Terex revealed a truck, the MT 6300AC, this spring that marginally outclasses the Liebherr 282b. It has a capacity of 362 metric tons.

    • TW says:

      The only problem with the T282’s is all their frames are cracking when you load them to capacity. They are down more often then not and the frame upgrade will take over 2000 hrs of welding…not such a good product.

  11. tony flynn says:

    this is bullshit,currently liebher make the largest dump truck in the world,with a payload of 360 tons

  12. matt says:

    these truck are so cool i would love to have one just to drive arund….

  13. Tegger says:

    They are fun to drive around! I work for a large haul truck manufacturer as an engineer. I get to drive our test trucks every now and then.

    The amount of published load capacity is usually always based on a 10% overload factor – meaning the trucks can actually handle loads of 10% more than the claimed number. I’ve seen data from our load weighing system that have shown loads of around 450 short tons!

    However, the limiting factor that determines the amount a truck can haul isn’t the drive system or dump body, but rather the amount of weight the tires can handle. Lighter trucks mean more available payload capacity. Currently, there are only two major suppliers for OEM haul truck tires – Michelin & Bridgestone. Until they make a bigger/more robust tire – don’t expect to see bigger 2-axle trucks.

  14. Tegger says:

    I meant 1-axle…hehehe… Although, the new TI274 has 2.

  15. Chris says:

    I love the quote on the Wikipedia page for the Liebherr:

    The truck costs about US$ 3.5 million. CD-player and air conditioning systems are optional

    Yeah, because when you’re spending 3.5 million on a vehicle, you really care about another $750. How much of a pathological beancounter would you have to be to decline those options? Better question: why aren’t they standard?


  16. Bart'sDad says:

    A:Considering how many mines that are in extreme north, A/C definitely wouldn’t be necessary. B: With all of the hazards in and around mines and communication being of utmost importance when maneuvering a piece of equipment this large I can see where companies don’t want distracted operators.

  17. Chris says:

    I don’t see auto manufacturers offering A/C even as a delete option, much less a tick-the-box-and-pay-extra option, on cars sold in Alaska, and we’re talking about something that’s two to four orders of magnitude MORE expensive here, which means the A/C is an even smaller percentage of the overall cost on the mining trucks.

    Don’t discount the idea that the cabs might be hot even in northern climes, however; that enormous diesel engine has to dump its fairly significant heat load somewhere, and I’d be willing to wager the cab doesn’t need a heater option 😉

    I agree with you about the distractions, which still raises the question of why a CD player is even offered.


  18. This is one monster of a truck. See the man standing near it. 21 feet high means about the height of 4 persons.

  19. ya..truely!!! its a monster truck..

  20. mort DIAMOND says:

    THE PROBLEM AS I SEE IT IS THAT EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE QUOTING THE MFGR’S. SPECS. The Terex Titan was consistently loaded to 550 us tons. lets get some realtime info

  21. Really a gigantic truck. Komatsu have 930 E also.

  22. pbunyon says:

    Hey Patty, when I go up to the Barrick Goldstrike I see some of the largest capacity trucks. Way up high in the skycab I see little blonde headed wimmins flossing and flowing those truck all over the mountainsides. GO FOR IT.

  23. Love the dump truck. Very nicely done. Thanks for posting.

  24. Russell says:

    take a look at the new Komatsu 960e

  25. Dirt Devil says:

    The Terex MT5500 out-hauls the Komatsu 930E-2 by 40 tons, and the Terex MT6300AC outhauls it by 80 tons, at an even 400 ton rating — but commonly hauls over 550 tons of rock.

    The Liebherr T282-B is roughly equivalent to the big Terex, rated 400 ton capacity but can haul much more.

    The Komatsu is a relative wimp.

  26. Richard G. Murray says:

    Hey Everyone.

    Do you want to hear from a ‘heavy haul’ operator. Well, I am an experienced operator in the Liehberr 282B, the Komatsu 930E, and the Big Cat the CAT 797D.

    The Komatsu is a ‘cute’ little electric truck and I love driving her, but she don’t like a load over 300t, especially on rough mine roads. (We have an expression. Drive the Komatsu little the cute little sports car she is and drive her like you just stole her.)

    The Liehberr is the most comfortable heavy hauler I’ve used. She drives like an old sixties full size Limo, pure comfort. But she hates rough roads and you will not find a mine putting more than 380t on her. She’s top heavy, has bad brake fade, and anything larger than 380t maxes out service costs and tire costs.

    Never driven a Terex, but in talking with those who have, they say she’s a real ‘pig’. Your haul roads need to be valvet smooth and that never happens. They are also shop queens spending more time in the shop than in the mine.

    Right now I am a CAT 797D cowboy. She is one sweet piece of kit. Her magic number for overload is 429. There is no truck out there that is rated to safely carry, on a routine bases, that weight in the roughness of a mine environment.

    You see, with the heavy haulers it is a matter of finding the best hauling weight compared to maintenace costs. The CAT 797D has the consistant accounting sweet spot.

    When I am hauling, especially uphill, I torque this mechanical truck down solid, and no word of a lie, the Komatsu’s and Liebherr’s scamper out of the way like mice.

    They know that if they don’t my little sweetie will just shove them aside with a ‘get out of my way’.

    You want to move dirt? Move a lot of dirt? Then put your butt in the cab of a CAT 797, and watch the other heavy haul truck operators look at you with the total hate of pure jealous envy.

    I love my ‘little sweetie’ the CAT 797D.

  27. Richard G. Murray says:

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention.

    My little CAT 797D comes complete with ‘sat stereo’ and MP3 sound system.

    When there is a lot of dirt to move and the team is stressed to the max, well, it’s the complete works of “AC/DC” roaring in the cab. Wear your hearing protection, stay in the moment, stay tight on the haulroad, and rock out with AC/DC.

    There is nothing sweeter boys and girls.

  28. john says:

    The leibherr takes the cake… currently the mine I work at operates 26 t282) and was a pilot kone for the cat 797f both compareable.. however the leibherr is a caddy in ride and cab compared to the cat..

    And yes all of our haul trucks have xm and as of today we have not had one incident related to xm

  29. brad says:

    The one in sparwood bc is still better!

  30. eric says:

    i work for clemmer steelcraft building these monsters the welding that go’s in to one is insane parts are HUGE

  31. Pilbara Truckie says:

    These trucks aren’t remote controlled, they’re autonomous: ie they drive themselves via an on board computer. You only need one controller for a mine site (10 or more trucks plus ancillary gear: diggers graders,dozers)
    CD player with USB port is essential to stop boredom; the runs are repetitious

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