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Myself writes: “Police gloves face a daunting set of requirements: They have to provide good tactile feedback for frisking suspects (or for weapon use), but still remain cut and puncture resistant for the blades and needles encountered on the streets.  They should be durable, but comfortable. They should also last a while, but be affordable.  On top of all that, they have to look decent.

“Gall’s law enforcement supply catalog carries dozens of types of gloves, many of which would perform well in the shop or on the jobsite. Prices vary from under $20 to over $60 per pair, so read the reviews and caveat emptor.”

The ones pictured carry the somewhat scary name of “Friskmaster Max,” though they seem like they’d be quite handly for the junkyard, where you need the puncture protection (sharp, rusty metal = a pain in the ass — quite literally if you don’t have current shots) but need dexterity unavailable with standard work gloves.


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