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Now, some Chinese workers’ll be able to buy the tools they made the same way you do: from The Home Depot.  From PR Newswire:

“This acquisition provides us with a great point of entry in one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing home improvement markets,” said Bob Nardelli, chairman, president, and CEO, The Home Depot.  “The Home Way is a strong brand that is already established as a value and price leader among Chinese consumers.  We welcome The Home Way’s leadership and associates into The Home Depot family, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve Chinese consumers.  In addition, we are grateful for the support of htis venture by local and national Chinese government officials.”

Apparently the ‘Depot expanded into Canada in 1994 and Mexico in 2001 via similar acquisitions.  Just out of interest, can any of our neighbors from the ‘North tell about the Canadian ‘Depot experience?

Chinese manufacturers, meet Home Depot management style.  Talk amongst yourselves.

The Home Depot Announces Acquisition of The Home Way [PR Newswire]


6 Responses to Home Depot Buys “The Home Way,” Expands to China

  1. Jake says:

    The CEO resigned today: [link]

  2. Stuart says:

    When Home Depot came to Canada it was great – it lowered prices and increased the selection available. The customer service, return policy and ease of shopping were unmatched.

    Now it sucks with dodgy pricing, cheaper quality merchandise, miserable unknowledgable staff (if you can even find one) and limited variety of products since they got rid of more specialized and slower selling items. As a contractor I feel unwelcome in the stores due to tighter parking, carts with bad wheels and sloooooooooooow checkout. The shelves are now stocked by the manufacturers who can’t help and do not come in enough to prevent total outages of product.

    Locally, there is a similar RONA/Lansing chain which is decent also but not in as many markets. Lowes will open it’s first store here soon and I can’t wait for Home Depot to get some much needed competition.

    If Lowes offers friendly knowledgable service they will win market share quickly.


  3. Chuck Cage says:

    Jake: Thanks for the heads-up. It seems newsworthy enough, so I dropped a full post out about it (and credited you).

  4. James says:

    Here in Atlantic Canada we don’t have Rona, but we do have Kent. The prices are generally slightly higher, but most of the employees I’ve talked to are retired professionals, and they have more locations than HD. They also sell more Canadian-made products.

    There’s a Kent 5 minutes from my house, so it’s always been much easier to for me to get to. However, one of the local HDs is moving from 15 minutes to 5 minutes away this month so I may end up going there more often.

    I only wish Kent or Home Depot had their inventories online. That’s something that Rona and Canadian Tire does right. I often end up buying tools at Canadian Tire because I can see the prices and check local inventory before leaving the house.

    Of course, my girlfriend will still prefer Kent since they have “more stuff for girls.” (candles, crafts, etc)

  5. David says:

    Although, I’m not a contractor, I appreciated the Home Depot store in my area. As Stuart has already said, it started out great and rapidly declined in terms of service and knowledgible personnel. I’m waiting to see if Lowes can do better.

  6. Jeff T says:

    Hey, now they have a quicker route to the closest store for quick sale practically right from the manufacturing plant. Seriously, why pay so much for freight…

    You know what? Since China fixes their currency, I bet American-made stuff is unbearable to buy at HD over there, pricewise. How very sad. Just drive’s me nuts.

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