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Auriou shaping tools have been around since the mid-nineteenth century and haven’t changed much since, retaining their old world craftsmanship.  They’re still hand-crafted today by a small family-owned company in France. 

Skilled Auriou hand cutting produces a dense pattern and randomly spaced teeth of a regular height.  This results in a tool that cuts very efficiently yet leaves no scratch pattern.  Their tapered tips yeild a tight stroke to concentrate the cut over a small area.

All the cabinetmaker’s, modeler’s, and round rasp models have a comfortable hand-crafted walnut handle as well.  All shaping tools are graded according to the “grain” of their teeth; grain 6 is “coarse” and used for major stock removal, while grain 15 is “extra fine” and ideal for delicate work.  Auriou offers the entire range in multiple shapes and sizes.

Auriou shaping tools are produced with old world know-how and attention to detail, but they are (ahem) a fair amount more expensive than others.  (Read: almost twice the amount in some cases.)  But, the care taken in shaping and polishing the blanks before the teeth are raised and hardened ensures a better quality tool that will likley outlast you — as long as you use it with the same care they used in crafting it.

Street Pricing starts in the neighborhood of $80 to $200 depnding on which model you selcect.

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