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Evan writes: “Sears lists this simply as ‘magnetizer, magnet, and demagnetizer.’  I love it for things like hex keys which are not normally magnetic.  With this you don’t have to have a magnet attached to the tool.”

For those not familiar, the idea behind this is that you can pass your tool through the magnets to magnetize a ferrous tool when needed, then demagnetize it for use with electronics and other such delicate work. 

Personally, I like Wiha’s model better.  (Picture after the jump.)


But it’s a matter of taste.  The Craftsman model costs $4 while the Wiha runs closer to $8.  I like the Wiha’s plastic case, though, and the fact that you can magnetize and demagnetize without turning it over.

Craftsman Magnetizer, Magnet, and Demagnetizer [Sears]
Compact Magnetizer/Demagnetizer [Wiha Tools]
Street Pricing (Wiha Version) [Froogle]


7 Responses to Reader Find: Craftsman’s Magnetizer/Demagnetizer

  1. Lorenzo says:

    I’ve got the Sears model and love it… I’ve had it for years. Easy to use… could not be simpler.

    It works well when it comes to holding small to medium size fasteners on screwdrivers, extensions for 1/4 and 3/8 sockets, etc..

  2. James says:

    I have a cheap one from Canadian Tire that looks exactly like the Craftsman one.

    What’s interesting about mine is that the blister packaging has holes in it so you can use it without even opening it. I just left it in the package since it hangs up so easily.

  3. eschoendorff says:

    I have to agree with Lorenzo. I have had mine from Sears (actaully two of them) and you cannot go worng with them. I saw the exact same thing at a TrueValue harware store under the Master Mechanic brand, I think, too. They’re cheap, readily available and work well.

  4. Jeff T says:

    I think Harbor Freight has a Wiha-style one. Don’t know anything about it more than that though.

  5. Rick says:

    Yep.. it’s right here.. $4.99 ( link)

  6. Paul Allen says:

    Wiha Has reduce the price to $5.98 and this items is currently on sale for $3.98 at the Wiha web site

  7. Paul Allen says:

    Wiha Uses C8 Permanent Ceramic Magnets – Strongest Available. The Chinese copies are using ferros oxide magnets these weaken rapidly over time.

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