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Dan (from the blog Dan’s Data) sent us these cool companions to the hemostats we wrote about yesterday.  He writes: “Alligator Forceps can reach through a small hole and grab something on the other side — wire, a nut, a blood vessel, whatever.  They’re also useful for fishing foreigh objects out of ear holes.”

We’re definitely going to pick up a set of these to go with our hemostats.  Tight clearances are a major problem in most any automotive work — and electronics work, too — so our ‘stats get a workout.

Besides eBay — where they’re a regular feature — these are available from our FindingKing.com, a store that focuses on jewelry-making gear (read: small tools).  Froogle turns them up from these and other sources starting around $20.

Our recommendation: spend the cash.  Tools like this can totally bail your ass out when you’ve managed to work a small nut into the corner of a virtually-inaccessible space.

Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Reader Find: Alligator Forceps

  1. Keith says:

    I know this comment is a few years after the fact but….

    These little gems just saved my bacon today.

    After seeing alligator forceps discussed here and elsewere
    (makezine.com: Alligator Forceps
    http://makezine.com/pub/tool/Alligator_Forceps ), I ordered
    three pairs (11″, 6″, 3.5″) from Widget Supply
    (http://www.widgetsupply.com/page/WS/CTGY/hemostat-forcep-alligator )
    and put them in my toolbox.

    Today, I was pulling the spark plug coil from one of the plugs in my
    Honda CR-V, and the end seal of the plug coil pulled off and was left
    behind on the spark plug, about 5″ down in the spark plug port of the

    After unsuccessfully trying to get the seal out with a long screwdriver,
    I remembered those alligator forceps in my toolbox. After just three
    attempts, I was able to get a good hold on the seal with the 11″
    forceps and bring out as easy as pie.

    These forceps are definitely worth the investment for situations like

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