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Lava soap’s pumiced wonders have been cleaning up greasy and oily hands for decades. In the last few years, though, Lava soap added orange solvents to the mix — creating one tough hand cleaner. 

Pumice is a highly vesicular pyroclastic igneous rock.  (Or, in real-people-terms: lava rock that has holes in it.)  If you’ve never used Lava soap or any other form of pumice, it feels a bit like washing your hands with large rough sand.  The pumice cuts through and dislodges oil and grease that other soaps can’t even budge.  The orange solvents now boost the power of the pumice, further dissolving and breaking down grime and oil.

After a hard day’s work you can spend a minute or two and completely remove grime, dirt, printer’s ink (ask me how I know this), paint, glue and even gasket cements from your hands.

Street pricing starts around $3 for the 16oz size and $12 for a gallon.  If your shop’s like ours, you better go for the gallon size.

Lava Pro [WD40]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: Lava Pro

  1. Thanks, that street pricing link has a picture of an eBay auction for “Red Lava Pro Wrestling Gear Lycra Men’s Trunks speedo”.

    Do you have any links for emergency eyewash?

  2. SuperJdynamite says:

    You might also consider a big box of latex (or nitrile) gloves. You can clean your hands in the time it takes to doff the gloves. This is especially useful when you’re oscillating back and forth from something that’s dirty and something that must be kept clean.

  3. Andy says:

    Having used two different flavors of GoJo (Orange and Lemon), as well as Lava Pro, extensively*, I have to heartily second the recommendation of Lava Pro. It works great, smells okay but doesn’t have an offensive lingering odor (it seemed to take weeks to get the smell of orange GoJo off your hands!), doesn’t dry out your hands. What more could you ask for?


    *-I work in a sound rental shop, basically a warehouse full of speakers, microphones, mixers, and miles and miles of cable. Dirty cable. Very dirty cable. LavaPro is a necessity at least three times a day–coffee break, lunch, and end of day.

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