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Phillip writes: “You can never have enough tools to help you layout angles in relation to plumb or level surfaces.  This one fills a unique niche by combining the degree indicator and bubble vials all in one tool.”

Here’s the gist: After using the built-in vials to level the ‘PAL, you can use the black bar to match an existing angle, then lock it down with a screw for replication.  Or, if you already know the angle you want, you can dial it in, lock it down, then level the tool to mark the correct angle.

There’s a pencil holder hidden inside the black bar, and it’s marked with 16″ of ruler for framing work. 

Street pricing starts around $30, and it looks to be available at most big-box and hardware stores.

The Carpenter’s PAL [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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