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Pictures of the PV-212 don’t really show much in the way of scale — of how tiny the unit really is.  In fact, depending on your screen resolution it’s probably almost life size in the picture.  We’ve seen similar vises, but this one is mobile, adjustable, and very small. 

The mini vise’s grooved jaws stand 2” tall and open to over 2.5” while sitting atop an adjustable pedestal mount that screws into a tabletop or attaches via suction cups that hold the vise steady.  Neoprene jaw pads are also available for holding extremely delicate items that would be ruined if marred.

You wouldn’t want to pry to hard or beat on this with a hammer but if you’re doing some delicate soldering or fine finish work the PV-212 could work well if the reliable ‘ole beat-up vise with metal shavings, WD40, and burrs all over it isn’t your first choice for the last little details.

Street pricing starts at $19.

PV-212 Mini Vise [Panavise]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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