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Are “all your rowdy friends” (as Mom used to say) over grinding chips and pretzels into your couch?  Not to worry — grab a hand vac like the Shark-Retractor Vac and get all the Doritos out the easy way. 

The Shark is a bagless 850 watt hand held vacuum that doesn’t fuss with the lack of battery some hand held’s are plagued with.  It plugs straight into the outlet and has a push button that retracts the cord when the mess is no more

It also supports a rinsable HEPA filter for cleaner released air. 

It’s not a bad choice if you need enough power to pull pretzels off your furniture but don’t want to lug out the big vacuum.

And no, the shop vac should not be used indoors– especially when your significant other’s around.

Street Pricing starts at $29.

Retractor Hand Vac [Shark]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: Shark-Retractor Hand Vac

  1. Myself says:

    Having owned a series of Dustbusters, Dirt Devil minis, and Sharks, let me save you the trouble here. This is junk. The powerful motor is useless behind the anemic filter, which clogs in seconds. Come on, its surface area is smaller than a nuisance-dust respirator!

    The first consideration when buying *any* vacuum cleaner should be filter surface area, followed by air volume (CFM), followed by filter replacement cost, then the little stuff like size, weight, bucket capacity, etc.

    And besides, we’re tool guys! Our favorite power tool vendors have some remarkably worthy miniature vacuum cleaners, like the Ryobi P3200, or the DeWalt DC500 or DC515.

  2. cDub says:

    My mom got an 18 volt shop vaca for christmas. i think its battery is a recycled drill battery. for some reason i cant find it online.

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