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Personally, I hate picking up hundreds of beer bottles left in every possible nook and cranny of my house and yard, which is why I generally attend a party at someone else’s house on NYE.  But back when I was young and dumb enough to host the party myself, I discovered a great way to simplify cleanup the day after: contractor’s demolition trash bags.

These poly-woven plastic fiber bags are 25″ x 40″ and can hold 38 gallons or up to 110 lbs. of the nastiest after-party crap you can find.  What’s this mean to you today?  You can fill one of these with beer bottles, pizza boxes, and any items you no longer wish to own, then drop it off your apartment balcony to the ground (even from the third floor) and carry it to the trash.

Seriously, keep a few of these around the shop.  They work great for post-project cleanup as well, even if you’ve got wood and metal scraps to pitch out.

Street pricing for a bag of $20 starts around $20.  When you need one of these, you need one of these — and $1 isn’t much to spend.

DemoBags [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. If you have an IKEA around, you can buy their big blue shopping bags for $1 each. They’re made of the reinforced blue tarp material, are about the same size and have handles, shoulder straps and a snap to hold them closed.

    I buy a half-dozen every time I go to IKEA.

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