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Everyone’s seen Craftsman’s bottle cap screwdriver, but this year they’ve got something way cooler: a bottle cap wrench.  What better way is there to pop open a brew while watching a game today — or recovering hair-of-the-dog-style from last night?

Sears actually sells the ‘cap wrench in three versions: alone for $14.99, with a tiny-wrench keychain for $9.99, and personalized for $19.99.


5 Responses to Finds: Craftsman’s Bottle Cap Wrench

  1. Old Donn says:

    Both this and the screwdriver opener are neat conversation pieces and are probably a must for the Craftsman geek. But they’re both cumbersome, stay-at-home tools. A Swiss Army knife has an opener and it fits in your pocket.

  2. tj says:

    I owned both. The wrench is the way to go. The bottle cap screwdriver has cheesy disclaimer printed on the handle that says “not guaranteed forever:. At least the wrench is guaranteed. Oh by the way, I bought the wrench cause a guest at my house stole mine at a party I was hosting. Some friend! See the knife in my back?!

  3. ERIC says:

    these are made by danaher/KD (sp?) for craftsmen like all they’re other tools.
    I work at NAPA and we have our own version of this, same price, hard to come by though, we can’t keep them in stock when we actually have them.
    I just wish I could get my discount on a craftsman one, then stocking stuffers would be way cheaper…

  4. Young Mike says:

    That’s a cool tool, but I much prefer Kobalt’s version from Lowe’s.

  5. Steve W. says:

    I can’t find the Kobalt on Lowe’s site, gotta link?

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