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The fact that it’s cold outside is no excuse for serving pan-fried burgers today.  The grill is king, even when you have to freeze your sorry ass off.  But once the burgers are done, there’s no good reason for you to freeze your butt any longer than necessary to clean it: Use a good grill brush.

If you brush while the grill’s still a little hot, you can knock off most of the nasty stuff before it has a chance to harden on (like two-part epoxy).  With a little help from the hose, you’re done in a jiffy.

You can find a good brush at most big-box stores, or you can even find passable ones at the grocery store from time to time.  The one pictured is from Char-Broil and runs $8, but street pricing starts around $6.

Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Finds: A Good Grill Brush

  1. Rick says:

    Cooks Illustrated (The Consumer Reports for the kitchen/cooking world) did some equipment tests on grill brushes back in 2003. And for their money, they didn’t care too much for the brass bristle style brushes. They tended to get clogged with grease and other gunk.. They liked the Grill Wizard with a detachable scouring module.

    This is an excerpt from their review:
    “In the end, only one brush was able to successfully clean our molten mess down to the grill grate in a reasonable number of strokes. The unusual but incredibly effective Grill Wizard has no brass bristles to bend, break, or clog with unwanted grease and grime. Instead, this brush comes equipped with two large woven mesh stainless steel “scrubbie” pads. The pads are able to conform to any grill grate’s spacing, size, and material, including porcelain. Best of all, the scrubbie pads are detachable, washable, and replaceable. The 14-inch handle, made of poplar, is smooth, with rounded edges (unlike its square-cut competitors) and a hook for easy storage.”

    (The entire review is available on the Cooks Illustrated’s website here. Sorry, it’s for subscribers only.. But if any of you like to cook in the kitchen as well as the shop, it’s an awesome resource. They also do the PBS TV Show “America’s Test Kitchen”.. I like that in addition to doing recipes, etc. They also test different ingredients/brands as well as equipment. This review is part of their “Equipment Corner”)

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