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The guys over at Den Guru put out a post a while back on how to build your own XGA-quality projector for $300 — a fair chunk of change less than that $5,000 50+” plasma you’ve been oogling at the store and definitely a better way to watch the game than your tired old 32″ tube.

Plus you get to answer the DIYer’s favorite question: “Where’d you get that?”

The key to this poor-man’s big screen lies in stealing the LCD from an existing monitor and applying it to an old overhead projector.  It looks pretty effective, and they provide a lot of pictures and advice along the way.

Supersize Your TV for $300: Build Your Own XGA Projector! [Den Guru]


4 Responses to Didn’t get a big screen for Christmas? Build your own!

  1. Jeff T says:

    Although this is OK, being a pro-AV installer, I would more so recommend the Lumenlabs method for excellent results.
    Just my $.02

  2. Myself says:

    We’ve been using a piece of foam-core board as a screen for 3 years now, and it works beautifully. It was on the order of twenty bucks for a 4×8 sheet.

    It’s not as bright as a silver screen, but there are no wrinkles, ever.

  3. Chuck Cage says:

    Jeff: Love that link. Thanks! Myself: Anything that’s flat and white works, but a well-designed screen can make a huge difference in brightness and clarity.

  4. SuperJdynamite says:

    I remember reading that LumenLab was going to start offering it’s own line of inexpensive LCD projectors with bulbs that don’t cost an arm and a leg to replace. I can’t seem to find a link, however.

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