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Chris M. writes: “This is a great tool for removing all types of nails and fasteners.  It works great on headless pneumatic nails.”

It looks pretty interesting.  There are lots of pictures on the site (linked below), but essentially it works by you clamping the nail in the plier-like jaws, then rotating the handles downward, rolling them along their curved bottom side to create leverage and pull the nail.

The manufacturer claims that they’re good for all kinds of nails, specificially headless finishing nails, which they claim it easily pulls through from the back side leaving less mess.

They’re available from the manufacturer (and elsewhere) for around $25.

The Extractor [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Reader Find: The Extractor

  1. Chris M. says:

    Yes, this is a great tool! Had to remove the nails from a huge pile of demo’ed lumber and the Extractor was a huge time saver. I was able to pull most of the nails including the heads straight through the wood. Much faster than anything else in my toolbox.

  2. Keith says:

    Use it all the time to pull out staples and pneumatic nails. Carpenter’s pinchers just seem to shear them off.

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