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For her birthday a few months ago I gave my wife a Coast V2 dual color Tac Torch. I was mystified why she would what one at first but after playing with it for a bit I understand now:  It’s the best of both worlds — a tough, lightweight LED flashlight that casts a powerful beam in two colors. 

The small 3 3/4” aluminum frame houses 3 AAA batteries that power the 1 red and 5 powerful white LED lights. Two buttons on the sides of the torch activate each color, one for red and one for red.  The red, of course, helps you to keep your “night vision” if you only need to turn it on for a minute.  If both are on at the same time, you wind up with a pink light. 

After 3 months of use the light is still on its first set of batteries and it as bright as the day it was first used.  The beam is very bright (considering the size) and has been dropped more times than I can count, yet it’s none the worse for wear. 

Street pricing hovers around $70, but it can be had for much less if you shop hard — as low as $30 on Froogle right now from some retailers.

V2 Dual Color Tac Torch [Coast]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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