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For many of us, the garage doubles as the “shop”, “work area,” and (sadly, sometimes) “storage unit”  Assuming you can still fit a car in — and if your ride is a bit older (or going under the knife) — you’ve got to worry about all the fluid it can drop all over the “shop” floor causing a stain on the concrete and a mess to clean up later.  Pans suck because they always end up filling up or sliding around.  Why not consider an oil absorbent mat? 

Oil absorbent  mats are non-woven 2′ x 5′ or 3′ x 5′ mats that cover the garage floor beneath your cars engine to absorb engine-fluid, anti-freeze, transmission or differential leaks that can make your driveway or garage look like a service-station bay reject.

They can absorb up to 10 times their weight in fluid; you just dispose of the mat as you would spent motor oil.  It’s a cheap and effective way to cover your garage while you tend to your leaky ride. 

Street pricing starts around $10 depending on size.

Steet Pricing [Froogle]


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