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According to the Bradenton Herald (via Newsday), Bob Vila’s launching his own tool line.  Really.  From their coverage:

“Designed to be user-firnedly enough for the average homeowner, piece range from $16.90 for a utility knife to $79.90 for a 300-piece drill accessory kit.”

The tools are to be sold via the Home Shopping Network and directly via Bob’s own site, so we strolled over to BobVila.com to check ’em out.  At first glance, they appear to be similar in build quality to the “celebrity” brands created for and marketed to women recently.  One major difference: Bob seems to have put some real thought into the accessories provided with many of the kits.

For example, a 220 RPM, 22 in-lb-capable cordless screwdriver ships as a 120-piece kit including six 1/4″ drive sockets, seven nut drivers, three Phillips bits, four standard bits, four Torx bits, four hex bits, three square bits, and hell — a bunch more.  Good stuff, not just ten slightly-different-sized screwdriver bits, all for under $40.

One struck me as a bit funny, though: the Bob Vila 25′ Tape Measure with Voice Recorder.  Wow.

Bob Vila Launches Tool Line [Bradenton.com]
Bob Vila Tools [BobVila.com]


13 Responses to Bob Vila Launches His Own Branded Tool Line

  1. Mike says:

    That is defanitly not Scottish.

  2. Old Donn says:

    Looks like a Ryobi to me. Vila must have lost his gig with Craftsman.

  3. Jeff T says:

    Dude, I’ve had my fair shares of Ryobi, and that is not even up to Ryobi standards – that looks like the models I see at Harbor Freight! The only difference seems to be the packaging.
    Yep, not Scottish.

  4. I don’t know about the rest of yawl, but I’m going to take some vacation time from work and start watching HSN now. I might miss it when they go up for sale, and I’ll bet this will mix a 5-gal bucket of cement at least as fast as my DeWalt cordless does.

  5. Jeff T says:

    Yeah, your DeWalt 12V non-XRP drill.. the little compact one… hehe.
    Then you start smelling the nylon gear’s in the Vila going up in smoke.

  6. vickie says:

    I recently purchased the cordless drill, 14.4 on home shopping, and my husbabnd hasn’t even used it only twice. The drill won’t charge. He doesn’t know if it is the drill or the charger. It is to late to return to home shopping. Is there any thing that can be done? Thanks, Vickie

  7. kyle says:

    loks just like harbor freight crap, I wouldnt buy it

  8. Bob Kunka says:

    It’s Harbor Freight all right! Been there, done that. Saw the same tool look at some auto parts store. Close to same price. Nice thing about HF: if the tool goes belly up during warranty period, bring it back and they’ll give you another.

  9. russ says:

    @kyle: That was my first impression when I saw the picture.

  10. Eddie Martin, Jr. says:

    Wife had one of these when I married her. The batteries won’t charge. Where can I get new batteries?

    • Ambush27 says:

      For the price of two new batteries you could probably buy a new drill kit, one much nicer than this one.
      There is also a trick you can do to force nicad batteries to charge by applying high voltage to them with a welder or car batteries.

  11. John says:

    He’s just another huckster trying to sell a product using his name. I wouldn’t keep the tools if you gave them to me.

  12. Ron Grube says:

    Purchased a Bob Villa drill quite some time ago – (numbers on drill” D92936 CDD144)Looking for 14.4 replacement battery(s)(number on battery: BP92936) – – – – –
    Can you help ? ? ? ? ? TKS…………

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