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You’ve probably got a bottle of Gorilla Glue around the shop, but have you heard about Gorilla tape?  We selected this as one of PopSci’s Best of What’s New 2006 winners, and while I was researching it I became quite a fan.

Why’s it so cool?  By including a layer of adhesive twice as thick as standard duct tape, Gorilla Tape’s engineers endowed it with the ability to “mold” around imperfections on rough surfaces — letting you tape things like bricks and wood together.  They also doubled the thread count in the tape’s woven backing, but offset the second grid of fibers slightly to allow you to tear the higher-tensile strength tape by hand.

The result of all this engineer-think is a tape that sticks to damn near everything and holds on tenaciously.  And amazingly, it’s only a little more gooey than normal tape.

You should own some.  Street pricing starts around $9 for a 2″ x 35 yard roll.  (If you’re a part-time MacGyver, they also sell a 12 yard roll for $5.)

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  1. We have been selling Gorilla Tape for some time http://www.jnkproducts.com/gorilla-glue.htm and have never had a single complaint. Our customers love it. We just started selling their quick cure glue and have not had and feedback on it as of yet. Has anybody out there tried it?

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