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Phillip writes: “RIDGID’s plastic basin wrench is a life-saver during the installation of a kitchen faucet or sprayer.”

As you can imagine, this device fits around a pipe to grab difficult-to-turn-in-tight-places plastic mounting nuts on facuets and such.

I feel stupid.  I’ve fought with these before, and as much as I’ve talked to RIDGID over the last month, I still didn’t know about these.  At $20 street, I’ll damn well have one before I install my next faucet.

Plastic Nut Basin Wrench [RIDGID]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Reader Find: RIDGID’s Plastic Nut Basin Wrench

  1. To save a few coin, I made a similar tool from a length of 1-1/4 PVC plastic pipe with a notch cut to fit the wings of the plastic wingnut. It worked fine for both removal and reinstallation of the wingnuts.

  2. Terry Crissinger says:

    To expand on the 1-1/4 pvc method. Carefully measure for 3 notches at 120 degrees on one end, and 4 at 90 degrees on other end, and you can use for 2, 3, or 4 winged nuts. Been using mine for a long time. Great tool.

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