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A good shop apron helps keep all your commonly-used tools ready at hand and also helps protect you from small flying objects and debris.  The beautiful one pictures comes from the Woodworker Academy and is available in leather and acrylic — primarily designed for woodworking use, of course.

We keep a less-expensive leather apron around the shop for protective use during metal griding operations, as it seems that no matter how you approach the job you always end up throwing debris at your midsection with an angle grinder.

The pictured apron runs $159 to $169 (depending on size) in leather, and the acrylic versions drop down to around $89.  Personally, we’d stick with leather, even if it meant finding a less-expensive option to fit your budget.  Leather offers much more protection and is more durable, especially around metalworking tools.

The ‘Academy offers on the order of 75 different leathers and other option combinations, so if you’ve got the scratch, they’ve got an apron for you.

Precision Tool Shop Aprons [Woodworker Academy]


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  1. david says:

    the link to the tool shop apron isn’t loading.. for some reason..

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