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Tjdunlap submitted this tool he found via Workbench Magazine.  He writes: “The Antex Pipemaster is designed to complement the torch in the tool kit of the plumbing contractor or home improvement enthusiast.  As an alternative to the torch, the pipemaster elements heat the heads to a temperature that allows solder to be applied to copper pipe joints.”

This looks like it’d be quite handy in tight spaces where an open flame might be difficult to control.  The one pictured comes from NetBridgeOnline and sells for $120.  Though Froogle doesn’t turn any of these up, a standard web search reveals that it’s available through a wide variety of vendors for a similar price.

NetBridgeOnline also offers replacement parts including the element set and replacement heads, so it at least looks like once you made the investment you could keep it going for some years to come.

The Antex Pipemaster [NetBridgeOnline]


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