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One of the first steps in turning a mild mannered street vehicle into a show-stopping monster-of-doom is to remove the stupid looking factory body molding.  For that, you need a molding remover set.

The set consists of two spring steel blades; the larger 3 ½” hand held tool works well, but for tough projects where elbow grease just won’t cut it you can attach a pneumatic air hammer to apply up to 40 PSI of force to the 2” edge.  That’ll peel that 80’s crap off like a banana.

The blades flex to follow the body contour of your ride so with a watchful eye you won’t push it through the paneling.  It’s a great way to avoid long sessions of scraping and pulling that might bend you — and the car — out of shape.

Street pricing starts at $28.

Molding Remover Set [Lisle Corporation]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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