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If you’re lucky enough to have a yard full of large trees, then you may remember fall as the “season of raking.”  Personally, the largest tree in my yard looks about like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, but give me a few decades and I’ll have better.  In the meantime, I’ll just dream of having trees big enough to need something like DR’s lawn vacuum.

DR’s walk-behind series vacuums offer a couple of claims-to-fame: the intake is separate from the moving parts so you can clear it without shutting off the vacuum, a steel impeller spinning at 3,250 RPM shreds leaf debris reducing its size by 75%, and a dust control system keeps you breathing clean air during the whole process.  I’m guessing from the headgear in the picture, though, that it’s not whisper quiet.

The DR also features an easy-to-unload tracked bag system that slides out to offer clear access to the 30-gallon bags.  With the 4-to-1 reduction, that’s quite a lot of leaves.  Its 14″ diameter wheels should take some pretty rough terrain, and you can adjust the vacuum nozzle height with a single crank.

If this looks like the kind of thing that’d make life easier, DR’ll send you a free DVD and catalog to earn your business.

As always, comfort doesn’t come cheap.  The 6-HP self-propelled model runs $1650 (manual start) and $1800 (electric start).  They’re currently “on sale” for $1320 and $1440, respectively.  You can save another $200 by giving up the self-drive for push-power.

DR Walk-Behind Lawn Vacuums [DR]


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  1. Ed says:

    I used one of those back in the early 1990s, but it was made by Billygoat. Just don’t smile while it’s running or your teeth will turn black. These things kick up a TON of dust!

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