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As we can attest there are lots and lots of ways to make square holes.  However, mortising (as it’s called in woodworking) is most easily accomplished with the proper tool — like this benchtop mortiser from Fisch Precision.

With a 3/4 HP motor spining at 1,724 RPM, this is no toy.  But what really caught our eye was its “micro-adjust” fence and very stable-looking mount system.  A cleanly-cut mortise is only valuable if it’s in the right place.

Other cool features include a long chuck key that allows access from either side of the unit, a 5″ head stroke that’ll use up to 1/2″ chisels, and all-metal stops and lock-downs.

We don’t have the cash for one of these yet, but it’s on the list.  Fisch sells it for $260.

4×4 Benchtop Mortiser [Fisch Precision]



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    please give information about mortiser & price

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