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Sizod writes: “This scraper has an extra-wide 4″ blade that makes short work of tiles and linoleum-covered floors.  It pushes 2200 blows-per-minute and separates any glued floor coverings quickly.”

Normally we use Harbor Freight for single-project use only — or special situations like tools we’re concerned might be stolen.  But there’s one significant exception: air tools.  Sure, they don’t hold up quite as well as name-brands, but if you don’t load them too heavily (or you’re not certain the other workers who’ll use them will oil them or take care of them)…  Well, you can sure buy a lot of them for the price of a name-brand.

HF’s currently offering this for $84.99 — 50% off the crack-smoking $169.99 normal price.  Sounds like it might be a good deal if you’re planning on removing some tile.

Long Reach Air Scraper [Harbor Freight]


One Response to Reader Find: Long Reach Air Scraper

  1. Pejker Bela says:

    Dear Company,

    We would buy one Muster of the Model Long Reach Air Scraper. Could you send the machine to Europe?

    Thank you

    Company Urkony Bt.
    Hungary 9400 Sopron
    Brennbergi utca 44/B

    Pejker Bela

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